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    A primary goal of many psychotherapeutic methods is to change the client's problematic ideas, employing a variety of cognitive-behavioral techniques intended to do so, albeit within the theoretical framework of the particular method. One such method, Rational Suggestion Therapy (RST), was introduced in Medical Hypnoanalysis (Blumenthal, 1984), and showed a way to incorporate hypnosis into a cognitive-behavioral strategy. Built upon the precepts of Rational-Emotive Therapy as well as the principles of suggestion/autosuggestion, RST emerged, offering a clear, direct plan for empowering the person to achieve speedy, goal-oriented progress. In RST, the ideation of the individual is seen as the origin of the unwanted emotional and behavioral symptoms. Through counseling, the person comes to be convinced that new ideas are necessary to change the symptomatic outcome. The client and therapist together search for the better ideas. During this process, it is not unusual to hear clients wish out loud, (to paraphrase) "If only I could think like that!" At this point of realization, RST recommends the inclusion of suggestion/autosuggestion as a powerful technique to enable the person to obtain the desirable new ideas revealed during counseling. The RST method also values the use of personally meaningful language in imagery and suggestion, making a strong case for the improved effectiveness of a custom hypnosis for each client.

    Regardless of the therapeutic framework, suggestion is an important tool that may be offered to the individual who wishes to transform harmful ideas into productive ones. However, it is not usually sufficient to offer hypnosis in the treatment setting alone. A lasting change may require easily repeated hypnosis experiences, fine-tuned to individual preferences. This is the great advantage of incorporating not only hypnosis, in general, into the treatment program, but HypnoSoft in particular. After identifying the ideas needed for positive growth, the therapist and client together, may then use the software to precisely design the required hypnosis. HypnoSoft provides everything necessary for the creation of the desired hypnotic imagery and suggestion. In subsequent sessions, the therapist and/or client may easily change any or all of the hypnosis. In fact, entirely new hypnosis experiences may be created to address changing circumstances.

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