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    Richard Blumenthal's Self Hypnosis MP3s
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    Download a Free Self Hypnosis Sample MP3

    This is a quick sample to give you an idea of how HypnoSoft sounds and works on your computer. An actual HypnoSoft hypnosis is much longer, usually around 15 minutes.

    When you create your hypnosis you'll also have a choice of voices.

    Click to hear a sample of the American Male Voice.

    Click to hear a sample of the American Female Voice.

    Click to hear a sample of the British Female Voice.

    Something New!

    Now you can have your custom hypnosis in Richard Blumenthal's voice! He'll personally record your custom hypnosis mp3. Click Here to find out how.

    Or, for a ready to use self hypnosis mp3 designed and recorded by Richard Blumenthal please visit
    Richard Blumenthal's Self Hypnosis MP3s


    Click here to create your hypnosis.