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    HypnoSoftTM FAQ's

    Q: Is HypnoSoft safe?

    A: Yes, because you are always in control. HypnoSoft guides your imagination to induce your hypnosis. Therefore, only people who want to be hypnotized will be hypnotized. Also, any idea suggested during your hypnosis will be effective only if you truly want the idea. You cannot be hypnotized if you don't want to be. You will not absorb an idea you don't want. When your hypnosis is over, your computer will automatically awaken you. But, even if you don't hear this, you will naturally bring yourself back to your ordinary thinking shortly thereafter. You are always in control.

    Q: Do I need a lot of computer experience to use HypnoSoft?

    A: Although the technology embedded in HypnoSoft is quite sophisticated, the program itself is designed for use even by a beginner. This is because HypnoSoft employs the "Wizard" style of interaction, in which the user is led from one step to the next with plain language instructions on every screen.

    Q: I've never tried hypnosis before. How do I know I can be hypnotized?

    A: In HypnoSoft, successful hypnosis requires only two things - enjoyable imagery and motivational ideas. The imagery acts as the gateway to the hypnosis. The ideas lead directly to the feelings, actions and bodily health you desire. Unlike other hypnosis methods, every image and idea choice is completely up to you, so you have every chance to fully experience a rewarding self-hypnosis.

    Q: How often must I use a HypnoSoft hypnosis before I see results?

    A: You'll notice an immediate change in your overall sense of well-being from your very first experience and may even find a strong, deep improvement right away. To ensure lasting results, it is recommended that HypnoSoft be used often for the same topic. This will help incorporate the new ideas into your automatic thinking. By the way, you may use HypnoSoft as often as you wish, many times every day, in fact. Giving yourself a good mental direction is always helpful.

    Q: 40 topics sounds like a lot, but what if I need help with something else?

    A: One of the most unique and important features of HypnoSoft is the option to easily create a custom topic about anything at all, in your own words. We know of no other hypnosis method that demonstrates such remarkable flexibility. Even your hypnosis imagery may be completely custom and in your own words, too. There is compelling evidence to show that the more a hypnosis experience includes the person's word and idea choices, the more effective and enjoyable it will be.

    Q: I'm a mental health professional. How might I include HypnoSoft in a psychotherapeutic strategy?

    A: Often, during the course of therapy, clients will come to understand that possessing and using certain ideas will help them to achieve personal goals. You may even have heard your clients say something like, "I wish I could think like that!". At this point in treatment, it is appropriate to recommend and possibly to supervise the use of HypnoSoft as a tool for acquiring those good ideas. As the therapy progresses and ideas are articulated further, HypnoSoft may be used again to adjust the hypnosis to accommodate growth and change.

    Q: I'm a medical professional. Is HypnoSoft appropriate for my patients?

    A: In many cases, effective health care requires a change in the patient's lifestyle and/or attitude toward the healing process. To address this important aspect of care, prescribing HypnoSoft may be seen as a practical enhancement to medical treatment. It is affordable, easy to use, and complete. Many medical topics have been anticipated in the program design and are ready to use. Special medical topics are readily created in the custom topic part of HypnoSoft.

    Q: Is subliminal software the same as hypnosis software?

    A: No, subliminal software is not the same as hypnosis software. The propensity of subliminal software and the ways in which it is portrayed, often leads to mistaken impressions, sometimes intentionally so. Subliminal messages are sometimes spoken words buried under music, or could be written phrases hidden in a visual display. The main thing is that subliminals are just out of the reach of the conscious mind. The theory is that although the person is not aware of the message, the "subconscious" mind of the person absorbs the subliminal message. Many subliminal software makers advertise their products as hypnosis. This is absolutely false! Hypnosis, by definition, is an induced alteration of the person's ordinary state of mind. In this respect, it is very different from simply presenting suggestive words or pictures too far in the background to be noticed. Subliminals are not hypnosis, nor does the software produce a state of hypnosis.

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