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    Custom Hypnosis for Job Performance and Career Success

    By choosing the job performance / career success topic when you create your custom hypnosis mp3, you help to bring all of your talent and drive to the forefront, performing job tasks with great skill and all of the resulting career advancement possiblities. This is an invaluable tool, giving you the edge when you need it most.

    Another great feature of a HypnoSoft mp3 is that you get to include specific ideas that you want. Maybe these thoughts are about special goals, particular events, upcoming situations, or people by name. Since the hypnosis is created by you and for you, it can say anything you want! It only has to make sense to you, not to the rest of the world. It's a private, personal hypnosis for a very important person - YOU!

    Can people really change?

    It may appear sometimes that you've felt a certain way, or done a particular thing for what seems like forever. But much of it, maybe most of it, is actually learned behavior. You see, while individual people may have tendencies, what biologists call predispositions, how that tendency is played out in your life depends on what you have learned from experience. Often, we've learned a thought routine so well that our resulting behaviors and feelings seem automatic - triggered into action before we even know it. That's where your hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is a wonderful, powerful way to add carefully chosen thinking on to your experience. You can re-learn how to think about something, this time with a well-planned goal in mind, like weight loss. Yes, people can definitely change. More importantly, you can definitely change!

    Thank You!

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