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    Hypnosis Software Inventor, R.A. Blumenthal Editor's Note: The work of Richard A. Blumenthal, MS, NCC has appeared in some of the world's most respected scientific journals, e.g.:

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  • What's Hard To Find, But Always With You?

    To create a wonderful life, you first need to make a choice: will you use your thinking to help yourself to the happy, fulfilling life you wish for, or will you allow the often haphazard, random ideas we gather over time to non-consciously run your life for you? What you think leads directly to feelings and actions. Think in one direction, you will feel and act accordingly. Think differently, your feelings and actions will be different. Those thoughts are powerful, aren't they? The only trouble is, ideas can become so ingrained that we don't even need to be aware for them to exert instant control over us.

    Here's an example. Suppose you are driving your car home from work or some other familiar place, a trip you've made many times before. As you drive, you might be thinking of all sorts of things: what you'll have for dinner, what you'll wear tomorrow, what happened during the day, etc. You come to a red light, yet not once do you need to say to yourself, "Oh, there's a red light. It means stop the car. I'd better stop or I may be in some danger, or get a ticket. I'll take my foot off the gas and slowly press down on the brake and come to a smooth stop." Nor did you need to say to yourself, "There's Main Street. I have to make a left turn. Now I'll switch on my directional signal because...", and so on. You didn't have to say any of that consciously, yet you do successfully stop when you need to and turn when you need to. Things we have learned and believe to be true become automatic thinking, often outside of our awareness, but nonetheless motivational. What's hard to find, but always with you? Your automatic thinking, of course!

    If you reflect on your daily life, a large part is routine and very obviously controlled by this non-conscious thinking. However, the same is true for many less obvious, though powerful motivations, too. Think of a behavior or emotion you wish you could change. Doesn't it just make sense to find good ideas that will lead to your desired result, and then plant them in your mind to use whenever you need? You're going to think anyway, why not let HypnoSoft help you think your way to better living? I want you to have a wonderful life. I truly believe HypnoSoft™ can help.


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